Marine Biology and Ecology

Department Faculty

Joseph Serafy

Research Professor & Editor, Bulletin of Marine Science

(305) 361-4255
Grosvenor South
4600 Rickenbacker Cswy
Room 219

My current research has three foci:

  1.  Examining the role of the seagrass-mangrove-reef complex in the ontogeny of     economically-valuable coral reef fishes (i.e., groupers, snappers, grunts, great barracuda);
  2.  Developing methods for, and assessing the effectiveness of, ecosystem restoration;
  3.  Furthering knowledge of the early life history, movement and conservation of pelagic fishes.

Elizabeth A Babcock

Associate Professor

(305) 421-4852
I work on fisheries stock assessment and quantitative ecological modelling, with focal species including sharks, tunas, billfishes, sturgeons, conchs and lobsters. The use of innovative data sources and analysis methods to inform conservation and management of fisheries for which traditional fisheries data are lacking is a primary focus of my...

Andrew Baker

Assoc. Professor

(305) 421-4642
Andrew Baker is an Associate Professor of Marine Biology and Fisheries at the University of Miami. His research focuses on the responses of coral reefs to climate change. 

Larry E. Brand


(305) 421-4138
Physiology, ecology and evolution of phytoplankton

Douglas L Crawford


(305) 421-4121
My academic interests are to understand the basic properties of adaptation (e.g., the importance of standing genetic variation, are many of loci involved in adaptation, are there conserved pathways to resolve specific selective pressures,etc.).  Knowing this information provides insights into human health and diseases and how organisms...

Evan K D'Alessandro

Director, Master of Professional Science Program

(305) 421-4848
Dr. Evan K. D’Alessandro is a lecturer and the director of the Master of Professional Science degree at the University of Miami. His area of expertise is coral reef fish ecology, particularly early life stages, but his research extends into many aspects of marine fish ecology. These include the ecology of mangrove associated fishes,...

Javier del Campo

Asst. Professor

(305) 421-5092
My research aims at understanding the global diversity and distribution of eukaryotic and prokaryotic microbes employing curated phylogenetic frameworks focusing on novel environmental taxa. Through the use of novel culturing and isolation approaches and single-cell genomics, I also study uncultured species to discover new biological processes...

Lynne A. Fieber

Assoc. Professor

(305) 421-4906
Lynne Fieber is Associate Professor in the Department of Marine Biology & Ecology. She studies the nervous system of marine animal models using behavioral, electrophysiological, and molecular techniques.

Martin Grosell

Interim Chair

(305) 421-4623
Martin Grosell, PhD is the lead PI and director of the GoMRI funded research consortium RECOVER ( Dr. Grosell is a Maytag professor of ichthyology with specialty in environmental physiology and toxicology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS) in the...

Chris Langdon


(305) 421-4614
Chris Langdon is a Professor of Marine Biology and Ecology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He is an expert in matters relating to carbon cycling on coral reefs and climate change impacts on coral biology and ecology. Teaching and Mentoring Langdon teaches introduction to marine science...

Diego Lirman

Assoc. Professor

(305) 421-4168
Diego Lirman currently works at the Department of Marine Biology & Ecology, University of Miami. Diego does research in Phycology, Marine Biology and Ecology. Their current project is 'Rescue A Reef Citizen Science Program.

Kevin Grant McCracken

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-9058

M Danielle McDonald


(305) 421-4856
Danielle McDonald is an Associate Professor of Marine Biology and Ecology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS). She is an expert in fish physiology and behavior with a focus on how physiology and behavior may change during times of environmental stress such as social stress, pollution...

John W McManus


(305) 421-4814
John W. McManus, PhD. is a Professor of Marine Biology and Fisheries at the Rosenstiel School of the University of Miami. In 2007, he chaired the Five-Year Review of the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program, which led to major changes in its structure and activities. As the former Leader of the Aquatic Environments Program of the WorldFish...

Liza Merly

Senior Lecturer

(305) 284-3629
Liza Merly is a senior lecturer of Marine Biology and Ecology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.  She is interested in comparative immunology and marine biomedicine using diverse animal models.  She is interested in the use of the shark as a model for the evolution of the...

Marjorie F Oleksiak

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

(305) 421-4341
Margie Oleksiak is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education and a Professor in the Department of Marine Biology and Ecology.  Her research focuses on the importance of biological variation and how populations adapt to environmental change.

Peter B. Ortner

Research Professor

(305) 421-4619
Physical regulation of biological systems; coastal zone management, ecosystem restoration, and fisheries management science and policy; coastal ecosystem effects of hurricane landfall; coastal ecosystem implications of regional and global climate change and climate variability; trophic relationships in marine plankton communities; phytoplankton...

Michael C. Schmale

Associate Dean for Infrastructure

(305) 421-4140
Associate Dean for Infrastructure diseases of marine organisms, carcinogenesis

Nikki Traylor-Knowles

Asst. Professor
Secondary Faculty in Biology

Secondary Faculty in the Department of Biology Nikki Traylor-Knowles is an Assistant of Marine Biology and Ecology at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. She is a cell biologist that studies the evolution of immunity, wound healing, and regeneration. Her lab uses techniques from cell biology, genomics,...